Andre Johnson Takes Kids On $16K Shopping Spree At Annual Christmas Event


Andre Johnson makes a pretty wonderful Santa Claus.

For the eighth year in a row, the Houston Texans All-Pro wide receiver took a group of at-risk kids to Toys “R” Us for an early Christmas shopping spree Tuesday morning. This year, Johnson gave 11 kids from Child Protective Services 80 seconds to fill their empty carts with anything and everything that they wanted.

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But in addition to whatever they could fit in their empty shopping carts, Johnson also promised the kids a couple of other big holiday gifts.

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Once the kids’ time was up and all of the toys were rang up, Johnson’s final bill came to $16,266.26.

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According to the Texans’ official website, all of the children who took part in Johnson’s annual tradition have been exposed to some sort of parental abuse and are now living with an extended family member.

“I’m pretty sure this is breathtaking for them,” Johnson said, per “I couldn’t imagine this as a child. I always said if I ever made it, if I was blessed to make a lot of money, I always wanted to give back and do things for kids and just help people out. That’s why I do it.”

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