Chad Johnson hasn’t changed a bit since moving to the Great White North.

The former NFL wide receiver, who now plays in the Canadian Football League for the Montreal Alouettes, made headlines Sunday after he tweeted about a random act of kindness. Johnson left a $300 tip for a server on a $351.92 bill, simply because “Sundays are slow.”

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Despite the fact that he left an 85 percent tip, many people took to Twitter to call out Johnson’s math skills. While he very likely could have written his tip incorrectly, the receipt clearly says $300.92, and he only added the $300.

We have a feeling the server isn’t very worried about those 92 cents, though.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@CindyBoren

Photo of the Night

The roof at the Barclays Center was leaking Monday, and the Brooklyn Nets’ solution was to put a trash can on the court.

The solution to the roof leak appears to be bringing out a bigger bucket.

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Tweet of the Night

NESN Boston Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo celebrated his birthday Monday and received this interesting card from a fan.

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Video of the Night

The Chicago Bears are having a disastrous season, and it prompted one fan to create some depressing (but funny) Bears-themed Christmas carols.