Tom Brady Too Busy Getting ‘Decent Sleep’ To Hang With Justin Bieber


Tom Brady wasn’t heartbroken that he missed out on hanging with the Biebs. He’s just not about that life anymore.

Rob Gronkowski and a few other members of the New England Patriots spent some time with Justin Bieber after Doc Rivers invited them down to the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room Monday night. The Patriots quarterback wasn’t around to mingle and take awkward photos with the pop star, though, because in true Brady fashion he was more concerned about preparing for Sunday’s upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers and getting his rest.

“I’m not doing anything like that,” Brady said during his weekly interview on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” on Tuesday. “That time has come and gone in my life. I was doing a lot of Chargers work last night and sleeping. This is the first time I’ve been away from my kids for awhile, so I could finally get some decent sleep.”

While Brady was too busy enjoying his extra Z’s to hang with Bieber, he was happy his teammates enjoyed their day off, adding that those types of outings serve as bonding experiences.

“Those guys should go out and have fun, they are young guys and it’s a Monday night — it’s an off day today for the players, so that is the time to do some fun things,” Brady said. “Honestly, it’s something they enjoy. There’s camaraderie when you’re with your teammates when you’re outside of the football building, and it’s good for those guys to do those types of things.”

Thumbnail photo via Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports Images

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