The Indianapolis Colts beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, which is good because that means the world gets at least one more week of Andrew Luck.

Luck’s efforts with a football in his hand are well-documented, but the Colts quarterback treats his audiences to so much more, from congratulating his opponents after they sack him to getting left hanging on high-fives.

Apparently Luck brought his A-game for the playoffs. With his team holding a comfortable fourth-quarter lead, the All-Pro QB tried to draw the Bengals offsides. When that didn’t work, he just gave up.

Most quarterbacks would just walk off the field in anger, but since Luck is the best, he ended things with a friendly, “Aww, I’ll stop it.”

Even when he’s trying to win a playoff game, Luck is just a darn nice guy.

Thumbnail photo via Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports Images