Matt Damon: Tom Brady Is More Dangerous With Fully Inflated Footballs


Matt Damon’s love for Tom Brady is real.

The actor, along with some of Boston’s biggest names, already fessed up to being the man behind the DeflateGate scandal in a sketch for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, but that’s not all Damon had to say on the matter. TMZ Sports caught up with Damon, who of course was rocking a New England Patriots hat, on Friday, and he again had his quarterback’s back.

When asked if he thought Brady played a role in deflating 11 of the 12 footballs in the first half of the AFC Championship Game against the Colts, Damon said Indianapolis actually was lucky the referees replaced the balls to start the third quarter.

“Didn’t you see when he got his real footballs back and he got four straight touchdowns?” Damon asked. “I’m telling you, we would of won that game 200-0 if he had his regular footballs the whole time.”

Sure, LeGarrette Blount rushed for two of those touchdowns in the second half, but we’ll let Damon have this one. While the Patriots didn’t blow out the Colts by a couple hundred points, they did steamroll them 45-7.

Case closed. Brady did the opposing team a favor by playing with some under-inflated footballs.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@JustJared

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