Rest in peace, Pau Gasol.

OK, so the Chicago Bulls big man didn’t die in a literal sense Monday night, but figuratively speaking, Gasol is no longer with us. That’s because he had was embarrassed in the worst kind of basketball way by the Orlando Magic’s┬áNikola Vucevic.

Gasol was a victim of one of the NBA’s dunks of the year, as Vucevic skied over Gasol to deliver a huge one-handed slam. We’re not sure if there are any Nikola Vucevic posters out there right now, but if there ever are, it’s safe to say this will be on it.

The dunk was the highlight for an incredible game from Vucevic. He went off for a game-high 33 points to go along with 11 rebounds in the Magic’s 121-114 win.