Roberto Firmino Thanks Hoffenheim For Providing European, Brazil Springboard


Liverpool fans should be happy Roberto Firmino will use his past experience to influence his future in a positive way.

Firmino spoke about what he’s leaving behind and the road ahead Tuesday in an interview with Hoffenheim’s website, according to the Liverpool Echo. Firmino, whom Liverpool signed from Hoffenheim last month, told he’s looking forward to the next chapter in his career and what he hopes to accomplish at Anfield.

?First and foremost, I?m looking forward to the new challenge and I?m excited to see what the Premier League has to offer,? Firmino said, according to The Liverpool Echo. ?Of course, everything will once again be new to me at the start. I?m going to have to get used to a new playing style, but I?ll also get the opportunity to improve my game even further there.

?Obviously I?d like to establish myself as a starter in my new team and go on to celebrate a lot of success at Liverpool.?

Firmino leaves Hoffenheim after 4 1/2 years with a wealth of affection for the German club.

?I was just 19 when I arrived at Hoffenheim,? Firmino said. ?Everything was new to me: a foreign country, a different language — at the start it wasn?t so easy, but I settled in quickly.

?The club and my teammates helped me enormously with that. With time, I understood more and more and eventually I was able to communicate and express myself really well. I?ve had four great years here. In terms of my football, I?ve learnt a lot of new things and I?ve had some fantastic life experiences too. My time and the people here in Kraichgau will always have a place in my heart.

?Moving from Brazil to Europe was a big adventure for me. I obviously had my doubts, but in hindsight it couldn?t have gone any better. Here at TSG, I?ve learnt a new way of playing football, but I?ve also been able to put my own talents on display.

?Thanks to all the hard work I?ve put in with this team, I?ve managed to break into the Brazil national team, which is an outstanding achievement not just in my sporting career but also in my life. To play for my country was a dream come true. It means so much to me and I know who I have to thank for it — so many people here have believed in me, even in those times when it wasn?t looking so good. That says a lot about this club. Players who come here get a fantastic education, both on and off the field.

?I?ve always felt at home here, the people have always been good to me. I?ve got a lot to thank this team for. Therefore I definitely won?t simply be leaving and forgetting my time here. Furthermore, my daughter was born here and I?ll always have a really special relationship with this place.

?It?s been here in Hoffenheim and the surrounding areas that I?ve developed into the person that I am. I?ve now got the opportunity to start a new exciting chapter. And I know that I can always come back here.?

If Liverpool, the city and club, give Firmino the same nurture — especially early on and during other tough times — as Hoffenheim, and he continues on his growth trajectory, there’s no telling how far they’ll go together.

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