The Tuck Rule is no more in the NFL, but that hasn’t lessened the sting for Amy Trask.

The former Oakland Raiders executive joined Twitter just last week. It didn’t take her long to reveal her feelings about the 2001 AFC divisional-round playoff game made famous — or infamous, depending on your point of view — by Tom Brady’s apparent fumble being overturned by officials.

Mrs. Trask, you have the floor.

It’d be easy to criticize Trask for whining about a call so many years later, but it did forever change both teams’ fortunes. The Raiders made the Super Bowl the next season — after Brady’s New England Patriots won theirs, of course — but they lost the game and still haven’t returned to the playoffs. Trask, best known as Al Davis’ confidante, resigned as CEO in 2013 and now is an analyst for CBS Sports.

Brady, who’s on his fourth Super Bowl ring, still has fun with the play, though he dare not bring it up to Charles Woodson, his former Michigan teammate who dislodged the ball on that snowy day in Foxboro.

Time heals all wounds. Maybe not in this case, though.

Thumbnail photo from NESN file

Thumbnail photo via 640x360 version of Tom Brady fumbling the football in the New England Patriots' AFC Championship Game against the Oakland Raiders on Jan. 19, 2002.