If recent practices are any indication, the Dallas Cowboys have another NFC East title in the bag.

Fresh off a 12-4 season, the Cowboys have their sights set on a deep playoff run. Apparently the team is doing everything it can to get better, as evidenced by a rather interesting training mechanism it employed on the wide receivers and tight ends during Tuesday’s training camp session. [tweet https://twitter.com/ESPNNFL/status/631259179018231808 align=’center’]

Yes, that’s Jason Witten, and yes, he’s wearing a laundry bag — OK, a “vision-obscuring hood” — on his head.

We’d imagine this is a pretty effective drill, because if you can catch a football with a bag over your head, chances are you’ll do the same with a clear field of vision. A photo taken at last year’s camp suggests this isn’t the first time they’ve tried the drill, either.

[tweet https://twitter.com/JOBIE__1/status/495252778827395072 align=’center’]

We also have video proof of another fun exercise Dallas’ pass-catchers participated in earlier this summer. [tweet https://twitter.com/toddarcher/status/627276537750945792 align=’center’]

Gotta love training camp.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@ESPNNFL