Sean Rodriguez Becomes A Twitter Joke After Water Cooler Brawl (Video)


Sean Rodriguez is a tool.

That’s the only logical explanation for his actions Wednesday night in the Chicago Cubs’ National League Wild Card Game win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park.

Rodriguez stormed out of the dugout when the benches cleared in the seventh inning after Cubs starter Jake Arrieta was hit by a pitch. The Pirates utility player proceeded to blow a gasket, even mixing it up with Cubs catcher David Ross, who is like the nicest guy in the world.

But that was the undercard for the real fight of the evening: Rodriguez versus a Gatorade cooler in the Pirates’ dugout.

Forget Ali-Frazier, Ward-Gatti or Hagler-Hearns. This was a bout for the ages, and one could argue the cooler scored a victory by outlasting Rodriguez, who was ejected from the elimination game.

The cooler’s performance was Homer Simpson-esque.

Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t impressed with Rodriguez’s tough guy antics. The 30-year-old was torn to shreds for acting like a tool and looking like a tool, all of which suggests he is indeed a tool.

Thumbnail photo via Sean Rodriguez of the Pittsburgh Pirates

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