Ronda Rousey’s stunning upset loss to Holly Holm at last weekend’s UFC 193 in Australia surprised nearly everyone, including other fighters.

“I was definitely surprised,” UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw told on Thursday. “It was really surprising; I would’ve picked Ronda Rousey to win the fight. From the looks of it, Holly Holm was the more prepared athlete. She came out with the right game plan and has an awesome standup background that I don’t know if Ronda was ready for. Kind of found some holes in her game and took advantage of it.”

Dillashaw will defend his title Jan. 17 in UFC Fight Night Boston at TD Garden. His opponent, former bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz, didn’t like Rousey’s chances the longer her fight went.

“I knew Holly Holm had the potential to beat her,” Cruz said. “I had a feeling the fight was actually going to go one round. It did make it to the second round — Rousey hasn’t had a lot of rounds, period. I knew if it went past the first, it was going to be tough for Ronda.

“But I didn’t expect her to lose like that, exactly the way she kind of pictured. They kept showing the clips of her explaining it on (Jimmy Fallon’s show). That can kind of tell you the power of the mind if you really think about it. If you think about something, it can become reality, that’s just the way it is.”

The aftermath of the loss also has not been kind to Rousey. She was bombarded by paparazzi at an airport and refused to show her face, and she has received a lot of criticism from other fighters and people who cover the sport.

“My heart goes out to her because a lot of people have turned on her — it’s not easy,” Cruz said. “It’s an unsaid thing between fighters, I think it never should be said some of the things that have been said to her. It’s pretty messed up. This is a tough sport, and that’s part of it.”

It’s not known when Rousey’s next UFC fight will be or who she’ll face. A rematch always is a strong possibility, perhaps at UFC 200 in Las Vegas next summer. Holm was open to the potential of a rematch soon after her knockout win.

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Thumbnail photo via UFC fighter Ronda Rousey at UFC 193