Sorry, Tom: Donald Trump Rooting For Peyton Manning In Super Bowl 50


Donald Trump wants to make America great again, and he’s apparently trying to gain support by aligning himself with quarterback legends.

The Republican presidential hopeful, of course, is very outspoken about his friendship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and, in turn, the New England Patriots. That’s why it was a bit surprising when Trump revealed who he was rooting for in Super Bowl 50.

“Your Carolina (Panthers) team is sort of a hot team. And the quarterback’s doing great,” Trump explained on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, via CBS Sports. “(But) I very much have always liked Peyton Manning. He’s a very good guy. I know him. And he’s a very, very good guy.

“So I have to go with the person I know and I like. I like the other team. I think the other team looks fantastic. Probably, they would be favored by something. But I’ll stick with Peyton because he’s a very good guy.”

Manning’s Denver Broncos defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship game last month with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Manning arguably has been Brady’s biggest rival throughout both quarterbacks’ illustrious careers.

But Patriots fans shouldn’t be too wound up about the comments. After all, Pats coach Bill Belichick loves Manning, too.

Thumbnail photo via Zach Boyden-Holmes/The Des Moines Register via USA TODAY NETWORK

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