Can someone just find Johnny Manziel and put a muzzle on him?

The much-maligned former NFL quarterback hit Twitter on Friday night with a lot on his mind. But he doesn’t seem to understand why everyone is so upset about his behavior.

It all started when Manziel noticed a picture of himself at a bar that made the rounds Thursday. Some of the following tweets contain some NSFW language.

Burge defended himself.

But Manziel kept going.

So first thing’s first: Good for Manziel for recognizing (or at least tweeting) that he should have done some things differently. As for the first tweet, though, where he reminds us that “I’ve been the same person, doing the same things since it all started”?

Well, Johnny, when you can’t stop partying, allegedly show up to work drunk, allegedly snort cocaine, have to go to rehab, allegedly smash your girlfriend’s head into a car window and your own dad can’t see you living to 25, the fact you’ve “been doing the same things since it started” probably is the issue.

Granted, Manziel might have a point. Maybe the Cleveland Browns were just stupid in thinking Manziel would ever change for millions of dollars and a job playing football.

We don’t know what he meant by it. Either way, it’s a bad look. But, as Manziel pointed out, that’s nothing new.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images