Chris Berman Attempts Spanish Before Mexico City NFL Game, Fails Miserably

by NESN Staff

November 22, 2016

The NFL’s “Monday Night Football” game in Mexico City gave the league a chance to share the U.S.’s most-watched sport with our neighbors to the south. Unfortunately, it also gave Chris Berman a chance to bust out his Spanish.

The ESPN commentator decided it’d be a good idea to speak Spanish on live television before the Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Texans 27-20, and as you might have already gathered, it didn’t go so hot.

We’re not 100 percent sure what Berman was even trying to say here. It sounds like he might have said “buena noche de football,” which means “good football night” and doesn’t make any sense. If he was trying to say “lunes,” the Spanish word for Monday, then “lunes noche de football” doesn’t translate to “Monday Night Football,” either. In fact, Spanish speakers would simply say “Monday Night Football” in English.

Regardless, it actually was the second time in the past week Berman took a stab at the Spanish language, and the first time went badly, too.

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Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images

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