Darrelle Revis sounds pretty confident for a guy who’s having the worst season of his career.

The New York Jets cornerback, who used to be the best in the NFL at his position, put his team in a tough spot this season, as his poor performance makes it hard to justify the $15.3 million cap hit he’ll cost the 4-11 Jets in 2017. But Revis doesn’t exactly see it that way.

“Would I love to be here? Yes,” Revis told the New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro on Thursday. “Will I be back? That’s a great question. My thing would be this: Do the New York Jets want to treat my situation with class or no class? With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here?

“That’s the biggest question. It’s black and white. It’s not very complicated.”

That’s something else coming from Revis, as the corner has a history of not treating his own situation “with class.” The Jets traded him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the 2013 season after the 31-year-old demanded a contract of $16 million a year. At the time, that topped the next highest-paid cornerback, the Denver Broncos’ Champ Bailey, by nearly $6 million a season.

Revis had another bad season in Tampa, and the Bucs released him after they were unable to trade away his massive contract. From there, he helped the New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX but jumped ship to return to the Jets in 2015 when they offered him a five-year, $70 million deal.

And while Revis did admit his play has declined, it doesn’t seem as though he thinks that’s an issue.

“I’ve been one of the best cornerbacks to ever play this game,” Revis told the Post. “I’ve done a lot of things in this league that a lot of guys currently playing are chasing now. I’ve impacted the game in a way where it was like, ‘Hey, he doesn’t give up any catches to the No. 1 (receiver).’ I set a precedent.

“So, I’ve done enough. Obviously, everybody’s a little bit concerned because that’s not what I’m displaying anymore. I can’t stay 24 (years old) forever. Every player ages in this game. You’ve got to understand that. Now, can I still play? Yes, I can still play. This game is a love for me. It’s like a girlfriend. And we’ve been dating for a long time — many years. She’s been great to me and I appreciate it. I love my girlfriend.”

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