Infrared Video Shows How Insanely Hot Your Tires Get During Burnouts


March 13, 2017

If you’ve ever done a burnout in your car, chances are you heard a horrible screeching sound coming from your tires. Well, as you might have guessed, that sound basically is your tires screaming for help as they’re being burned alive.

Evidence comes courtesy of Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske, who did a vicious burnout in his Honda S2000, and used a thermal camera to record the results. The footage not only looks cool, but it’s also quite interesting, as it reveals the tires take almost no time to reach scorching-hot temperatures.

As the video shows, the tires get cooking well above 320 degrees Fahrenheit in under 5 seconds. What’s just as interesting, however, is how hot the vehicle’s brake rotors got, reaching temperatures of more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

So next time you decide to peel out of your driveway, just remember tires have feelings too.

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