Think about what annoys you most in the world. Bill Belichick definitely hates social media more than you hate Mondays, drivers who don’t use their turn signals or when people recline their seats in front of you on an airplane.

The New England Patriots head coach hates social media more than most people hate anything. How do we know this? Well, he makes it abundantly clear whenever he’s asked about it, but he actually opened up about the topic to CNBC’s Suzy Welch.

“Nobody is against (social media) more than I am,” Belichick said. “I can’t stand it.”

But why?

“I do everything I can to fight it,” Belichick said. “We have rules that prohibit our players from posting things on InstantFace and all that. I think it’s important for us as a team to know each other, to know our teammates, to know our coaches, to interact with them more than it is to be liked by whoever on a chat room. We try to encourage the interaction and the personal contact and experiences and not really pay attention to what people are saying out there who we don’t even know.

“Look, I understand I’m not going to eliminate it. I don’t even care whether people go on it, or our players go on it or not. I care about it as it relates to our football team. And as much as I can eliminate it on our team, I’m going to try to stamp it out.”

That actually makes sense. And it’s probably best for football players to ignore what faceless trolls on the internet are saying about their performance, anyway.

Belichick also said during the interview with Welch that the media is “how a team connects to its fans.” So, it seems Belichick would prefer the message goes through reporters rather than straight from his players.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images