Mojo Rawley Believes Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Could Be WWE Star


Rob Gronkowski is a dominant force on the football field when he’s healthy.

But Gronk’s friend, and WWE star Mojo Rawley, believes that the New England Patriots tight end could have a second superstar career.

Gronkowski recently stepped into the squared circle to help Rawley during WrestleMania 33’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Pro Bowl tight end got into the ring to take on Jinder Mahal, got into his three-point stance and flattened Mahal once he turned around.

And in a recent interview with FOX Sports’ Nick Schwartz, Rawley was asked about the 27-year-old tight end’s potential as a professional wrestler.

“Well let’s call him (Gronkowski) a blue chipper, baby,” Rawley said, per Schwartz. “The guy’s done his homework. That’s my best friend and he’s been supporting me, coming to the shows since we were down in FCW in Tampa and there were seven people in the arena and my buddies were like five of them.

“He’s done his homework, he’s been to these matches. He’s progressed through the ranks, he’s very familiar with how the process works. He’s very familiar with the lifestyle because he’s been there every step of the way with me as a fan.”

Rawley went on to say that he believes Gronk can be a star in the squared circle just as he is on the gridiron.

“And to have him be able to get in the ring and deliver a big shoulder tackle and be front row at a lot of these shows… the guys all cued up. Not to mention all the fun that we have outside of both of our jobs. Practicing moves on each other and watching it together and having a blast. The guy’s cued up for a career, man. You look at everything he’s done with his life outside of the gridiron, he’s got WWE superstar written all over him.”

Gronk’s WWE career will have to wait until he’s done scoring touchdowns at Gillette Stadium, though.

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