This Technique Racers Use To Drive Efficiently Could Benefit You On Road


Automakers nowadays try to make cars as economical as possible, but what some people don’t realize is your driving style also impacts your fuel mileage.

Those who aren’t fans of motorsport might not know this, and those who are might hate it, but learning how to drive efficiently actually plays a very important role in the outcome of races. In series such as Formula One and Formula E, there’s no refueling — or recharging — so drivers sometimes have to use various techniques to conserve fuel, many of which can have the same effect if you use them on public roads.

The most common method drivers use to reduce their consumption is called lifting and coasting, meaning they lift off the accelerator and coast, then grab less brake than usual before turning into a corner. FE posted a video Friday, in which four-time IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti breaks down this technique step-by-step.

We understand you’re not — at least, you shouldn’t be — driving on the ragged edge in your daily life, so the inputs will be slightly different, but the principle remains the same. If you lift-off sooner, then brake lighter and later, you’ll carry more speed through the turn, therefore requiring less fuel to get back up to speed.

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