Jason Whitlock’s comments on LeBron James and racism were met with a lot of criticism Thursday.

Speaking on FOX Sports 1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Whitlock gave a controversial take on LeBron James’ response to his Brentwood, Calif., home being vandalized with racist graffiti Wednesday.

“Racism is an issue in America,” Whitlock said. “But it is primarily an issue for the poor. It’s not LeBron James’ issue. LeBron James, whether he likes it or not, or whether people close to him are telling him or not, he has removed himself from the damages and the ravages of real racism.”

Whitlock later added “LeBron needs to quit embracing his victimhood because he’s not a victim. And it’s a terrible message for black people.”

Several professional athletes, including Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith and Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, weren’t happy with Whitlock’s comments.

For more on Whitlock’s controversial take, check out the video at the top of this article.

Thumbnail photo via Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports Images