In an era of the NBA where you see free agents leave their teams to sign big-money contracts elsewhere fairly often, everyone has an opinion on the matter.

People still give their 2 cents about Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors in 2016, and now, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving’s trade request has basketball analysts and fans buzzing yet again. But the players have opinions, too, and Damian Lillard offered his Monday on Bill Reiter’s CBS Radio show “Reiter Than You.”

For the Portland Trail Blazers point guard, the most important thing in those types of situations is that the player gives a reason for leaving.

“You owe your teammates first because those are the guys that you spend the most time around that you have relationships with, more so than anybody else,” Lillard said. “And also the fans because they are part of your team. They’re the people that come and cheer for you and support you as much as anybody. So I think they’re the two groups of people that you owe the truth. They deserve to know the truth in where you stand and what your plans are.”

It’s a good rule in theory, but it’s also pretty idealistic. If a player wanted to leave because they didn’t like the team’s management, for example, they likely wouldn’t publicly bash the franchise on their way out the door, nor would fans want to hear that.

Either way, we’re sure Lillard’s opinion will resonate with NBA fans.

Thumbnail photo via Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports Images