‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Whiff On Easiest College Football Questions Ever


The most infuriating part of watching “Jeopardy!” is seeing contestants whiff on questions that you think are total layups.

And, boy, did that trend ever continue during Thursday night’s episode.

While under the category “Looking at Colleges,” a pair of questions popped up that even the most casual of college football fans would’ve answered correctly. Clearly, though, not everyone is glued to their couches on Saturdays.


In Alec’s defense, we can see why the word “prairie” in the Nebraska question could cause some to impulsively blurt out “Oklahoma.” Plus, the inclusion of “schooner” definitely was intended to make the contestants think of the Oklahoma Sooners.

Still, the fact that no one guessed Notre Dame on the following question, which was even accompanied by a picture of “Touchdown Jesus,” is borderline indefensible.

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