Kiko Alonso is going to be hearing from the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins linebacker delivered a vicious hit to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco during Thursday night’s game at M&T Bank Stadium, and he likely will be hit with a fine and perhaps a suspension.

Flacco was running in the open field when he went into a slide to give himself up.

Alonso, however, didn’t let up, as he came barreling in late and hammered Flacco, knocking his helmet off and causing the quarterbackĀ to exit the game.

Here’s a look at the brutal hit.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh went after Alonso following the hit.

Flacco entered the NFL’s concussion protocol after the hit and was replaced by Ryan Mallett.

There’s simply no place for this kind of hit in football, and we expect Alonso to be reprimanded by the NFL.