Whatever’s Going On In This Koji Uehara Tweet Is Absolutely Disgusting


Last week, we told you Koji Uehara was a must-follow on Twitter.

Now we’re having major second thoughts.

The Chicago Cubs reliever tweeted a photo Friday that can be best described using two words: confusing and grotesque. Take a look, if you dare:

(Warning: the following image might be NSFW)


OK, so let’s try to figure this out.

The Google translation of Uehara’s caption produces the term “akkanbe.” According to Urban Dictionary, akkanbe is a popular Japanese pose that involves someone sticking out their tongue and pulling down their lower eyelid with their index finger. The goal, apparently, is to express disapproval in a silly manner.

Alright, we think we have a grip on the caption.

But what on Earth is lying on that cutting board? Is it even real? Twitter comments seem to suggest it’s a cow tongue, but we’re skeptical. Although, grilled beef tongue — also known as gyutan — is a popular dish in Japan.

It also sort of looks like a finger, albeit a very deflated and bizarre looking finger. Maybe Uehara is sacrificing his ring finger in an effort to win another World Series title?

Or maybe he’s just trying to be funny for Halloween. Let’s go with that.

Thumbnail photo via Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports Images

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