Acura To Revive Type S Performance Line After 10-Year Absence From Lineup


Now that Honda has added the Type R to its lineup in the United States, it’s similarly looking to develop a performance line for its luxury brand.

Acura has announced that it will revive the Type S moniker some time within the next decade, as it’s lineup currently is lacking in the performance department, according to Car and Driver. Furthermore, the Japanese automaker plans to develop a new turbocharged V-6 that will be used exclusively by Acura.

Although Acura didn’t give specific details about the engine, it said the turbo V-6 will only be available in vehicles with all-wheel drive.

Honda sells the NSX supercar as an Acura in the U.S., though the premium brand hasn’t carried any go-faster variants of its standard models since the Type S last appeared in its range in 2008.

We don’t yet know when the next Type S will arrive on showroom floors, or the car on which it will be based, but trademark filings reportedly suggest it will be a tuned version of the mid-size TLX sedan.

Thumbnail photo via Honda

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