The Houston Astros soundly beat the Cleveland Indians in their American League Division Series, but if you’re busy during the daytime hours, you probably missed it.

All of the Astros’ games during the ALDS were matinees. And though Houston swept the Tribe in three games, had the series extended to five, the remaining two also would have taken place in the afternoon.

Astros star Alex Bregman, for one, was not too happy about the game times. In an interview with ESPN during Houston’s celebration after clinching the series Monday, Bregman expressed some frustration with the league.

“I want to end with saying one thing,” Bregman said to host Scott Van Pelt. “Does Floyd Mayweather fight the first fight of the night, or is he the main event? I mean, does Tiger Woods tee off at 8 a.m.?

“It’s about time the ‘show ‘Stros’ play on prime-time television, so we’re looking forward to the ALCS.”

That wasn’t the only comment Bregman had on the matter. In his interview with FOX Sports 1 immediately after the game, he joked that he needed sunscreen because he was getting sunburned from all the daytime activity.

To be fair, the competing ALDS is between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, so from a rating perspective, the decision makes sense. That’s not a knock on the Astros, just reality.

So while Bregman’s frustrations certainly are justified, it’s just one of two valid sides of the argument.

Thumbnail photo via David Richard/USA TODAY Sports Images