It’s an open secret the beautiful game has an ugly side. Here’s the latest example.

Authorities arrested Florida resident Cesar Sayoc Jr. on Friday on suspicion of involvement in the slew of suspected mail bombs sent this week to prominent Democrats and others in the United States. As part of the arrest, federal investigators seized Sayoc’s white van, which was covered with pro-Donald Trump and extreme right-wing stickers.

However, a few of Sayoc’s stickers were soccer-related. One had the caption “Top Youth Soccer Recruits For Trump,” and another was of the old U.S. national team crest. Closeup photos of the van taken by Twitter user Mahmud Mohamed show Sayoc might have a strong affinity for soccer.

Sayoc, 56, allegedly mailed a total of 12 suspicious devices to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN’s office in New York City and other prominent current and former officials targeted in the pipe-bomb campaign.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images