Stephen Curry is an unabashed Boston Red Sox fan, so it’s no surprise he’s rooting for them in the 2018 World Series.

But in hyping up his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors guard added some pretty hilarious context to his brief meeting with a Red Sox legend.

Remember that photo Curry took with David Ortiz in the Red Sox’s clubhouse in 2016? You know, the one where Curry is brandishing a baseball bat over Ortiz’s head?

Guess when that photo was taken?

“What’s funny about this picture is it’s in the middle of the sixth inning,” Curry said in a recent interview with The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “He’s DHing, so he’s watching the game on TV, waiting to see when he’s going to be up.”

No wonder why the clubhouse was so empty: The photo was taken in the middle of a Red Sox game. Ortiz, in the middle of his final major league season, decided to invite the soon-to-be-named NBA MVP for a quick hangout session while he awaited his turn to bat as Boston’s designated hitter.

Ortiz was hitting .308 at the time and went on to have one of the greatest final seasons ever, so his laid-back approach certainly didn’t affect his game any.

Ortiz is no longer around, but Curry — a North Carolina native who became a Sox fan because his brother, Seth, chose the New York Yankees when they were kids — still is keeping close tabs on Boston. The Warriors star says he’ll be “locked in” to the World Series despite his busy NBA schedule and even weighed in with his American League Most Valuable Player selection.

“Mookie (Betts) got it on both sides of the ball,” Curry said.

Thumbnail photo via Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports Images