It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Boston College football.

Clemson invaded The Heights last week and ruined the party on Chestnut Hill by upending the Eagles in the biggest BC game in years. This week, New England-based BC fans and alum will have to watch a program they hate to get in bed with a pro sports franchise they also despise.

No. 3 Notre Dame is making a trip to the Bronx where it will take on an upstart Syracuse program. The game will take place at Yankee Stadium, and the Fighting Irish is celebrating the occasion by wearing New York Yankees-inspired jerseys.

Fair warning: If you’re a BC and/or Boston Red Sox fan — or if you just hate Notre Dame and/or the Yankees — this will make you want to hurl.

Yuck. Where’s Chris Sale when you need him?

And if you are a BC fan, this whole thing is made worse by the fact that you need to root for Notre Dame, as an Irish win would help BC in the ACC standings.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Cashore/USA TODAY Sports Images