Stephen A. Smith Rips Max Kellerman For Rehashing Tom Brady ‘Cliff’ Take


Arguably no one basked in the New England Patriots’ Week 10 blowout loss more than Max Kellerman.

Kellerman has been spearheading the charge of “predicting” the downfall of quarterback Tom Brady. The only problem is, the “First Take” co-host first introduced the idea years ago and apparently believes the stance doesn’t have an expiration date.

With the Patriots fresh off a 24-point loss to the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday, Kellerman hopped back on the horse Wednesday morning on ESPN, noting he’s “very worried” about Brady. Stephen A. Smith had no patience for his co-host’s diatribe, which he deemed an insult to the star signal-caller.

“This is Tom Brady, so what we do with Tom Brady is we recognize that as the season wanes, the New England Patriots tend to get a bit stronger,” Smith said. “The second half of the season, in particular. The fact that we’re talking about Tom Brady in this fashion is disrespectful. I think Max is doing it on purpose and you should be ashamed of yourself. You really should.”

Yes, Brady currently isn’t running roughshod over the league like he has in previous seasons. But the Patriots still are 7-3, and the offense had looked nearly unstoppable heading into the matchup with Tennessee. With a bye on the docket in Week 11 and the likely return of Rob Gronkowski in Week 12, it’s easy to believe New England will get things going ahead of the postseason.

Overreacting to one performance is the nature of the beast when it comes to Brady and the Patriots. But we all should have learned by now that betting against TB12 and Co. is a fool’s errand.

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