Surprisingly (and thankfully) there haven’t been too many outlandish Bryce Harper takes since the star outfielder reportedly agreed to a huge deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

But Mike Francesa just wiped all the sanity away with this doozie.

Harper on Thursday agreed to a 13-year, $330 million deal with the Phillies that includes a no-trade clause and no opt-outs. The star outfielder made clear to agent Scott Boras that he wanted to sign with a team that he could essentially spend the rest of his career with, as he believes he’d play his best baseball under some long-term security.

So what’s Francesa’s idea? Trade him to the Los Angeles Angels, of course!

The WFAN host suggested Thursday that since Angels star Mike Trout is from Philadelphia, a trade would make sense for both parties — seeing as Harper probably would be amenable to playing for the Angels.

You can watch him attempt to explain his logic here.

Yeah, we’re not so sure about that one either.

Francesa appropriately shredded a caller Friday for unleashing the hypothetical scenario of the New York Yankees making a run at trading for Harper. You can watch that here.

Sheesh, who knew the Harper rumor mill would keep churning after his signing?

Thumbnail photo via Russell Lansford/USA TODAY Sports Images