We imagine that if Tom Brady ever ran for political office, the New England Patriots quarterback probably would fare pretty well.


Well, the guy doesn’t even have to run to get votes.

The 41-year-old picked up 22 write-in votes for attorney general in Rhode Island, as reported by The Providence Journal. The results, which show the names of write-ins that receive more than five votes, had an unsurprising mishmash of ridiculousness. Brady beat out Bugs Bunny, who only received six votes.

It’s not the first time Brady’s name has popped up in Rhode Island polling results, the gunslinger got 86 write-in votes in the Ocean State during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Apparently, there are a number of people out there that believe leading a team to six Super Bowl championships is enough qualification to help lead the government. Though Brady lagged far behind Mickey Mouse, who got 79 votes in the attorney general race.

Brady-Mouse 2020? You heard it here first.