Tom Brady’s “new evidence” didn’t go unnoticed.

Brady earned a “96” overall rating in EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 20” video game, but just a “60” in the speed category. This didn’t sit well with the New England Patriots quarterback, who tweeted a video Monday showcasing his quickness.

Look at him go!

It didn’t take long for the official “Madden NFL 20” Twitter account to review Brady’s “record-breaking performance” and offer a rather appropriate response.

Brady is the most accomplished player in NFL history, and he’s shown no signs of slowing down — literally and figuratively — ahead of his age-42 season. High-fives haven’t exactly been his strong suit over the years, however, and that’s apparently reflected in the latest edition of the “Madden” series.

Fortunately, from what we can tell, there’s no “high-five” category in the game. And perhaps EA Sports will tweak Brady’s “speed” rating in light of the new “evidence” presented.

If not, we’re sure Brady will have something else up his sleeve — assuming he’s not too busy calling out or blocking trolls on social media.