As if there was any doubt, Tom Brady made it abundantly clear Sunday night that he’s not a happy camper. Despite the New England Patriots’ big win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady sulked and moped through an awkward and short post-game press conference.

However, anybody who still needs evidence of the 42-year-old’s frustration need only look at his Instagram account. What they don’t find might be as interesting as what they do find.

First, let’s talk about what’s missing.

After each of the Patriots’ first eight victories, Brady posted a cheesy, celebratory video to either Instagram, Twitter or TikTok — if not all three. Even as the Patriots offense struggled, Brady delivered his usual “Let’s go!” and expressed excitement about the next game. His optimism might have been fraudulent, but the content nevertheless existed for Patriots fans to lap up.

But after the 17-10 win over the Eagles? Nothing. And no, a photo of Brady showing off his designer coat doesn’t count.

Instead, Brady has spent the past couple days doing something he has done a lot of since September 20: “liking” Antonio Brown’s Instagrams.

First, he “liked” this photo of Brown in a Patriots uniform:

Then, unsurprisingly, Brady showed his support Tuesday morning for Brown’s apology to Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization. He was far from the only Patriots player to “like” the apology, which actually was hard to criticize, but Brady’s latest double-tap offered yet another clue that the aging quarterback was, is and always will be peeved over the Patriots releasing Brown.

Then again, maybe we’re reading too much into the social media behavior of a guy who is nearly impossible to relate to or understand. Probably not, though.

Thumbnail photo via Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports Images