It doesn’t seem like this whole Don Cherry situation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And naturally, players and coaches alike have begun chiming in.

Cherry, 85, was fired by Sportsnet on Monday after sparking outrage with his comments about immigrants just days before Canada’s Remembrance Day. Since then, many in and around the NHL (including Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy) have spoken out against Cherry’s comments.

But one player did not: Nazem Kadri. 

The Colorado Avalanche center, whose father was raised in Lebanon before moving to Ontario in the 1960s, according to The Denver Post’s Kyle Frederickson, defended Cherry’s comments on Tuesday. In fact, he thinks Cherry’s thoughts were misconstrued.

“(Cherry) has been there for so long, it’s going to be hard to see (Hockey Night in Canada) without him, that’s definitely unfortunate,” Kadri said Tuesday before the Avs’ game against the Winnipeg Jets, per Fredrickson. “I know Grapes and I don’t think it came across like everyone is making it sound. I think with what he said, it was maybe just said incorrectly. People maybe took it out of context a little bit. I know Grapes is a great person and am sad to see him go.”

But Cherry stood by his comments Tuesday, telling FOX’s Tucker Carlson “I stand by what I said, and I still mean it,” despite telling CTFR 680 that he “said the wrong thing” earlier in the day.

That said, it’d be interesting to hear Kadri’s thoughts on the situation now considering Cherry’s latest comments.

Thumbnail photo via Amber Searls/USA TODAY Sports Images