Should we be taking America’s Team seriously as a potential suitor for Tom Brady?

The Cowboys have surfaced throughout the offseason as the football world tries to figure out where Brady could take his talents next. That said, most probably chalked the possible Brady-Dallas pairing as nothing more than a fun hypothetical, as it’s been assumed Jerry Jones will work out a new deal with Dak Prescott.

But during Thursday’s edition of “The Herd” on FOX Sports 1, Colin Cowherd made the case of the Cowboys actually being the best fit for the six-time Super Bowl champion, should he leave New England. In Cowherd’s eyes, Dallas is the only team among the list of Brady’s perceived suitors that covers the QB’s “destination checklist” of offensive line, weapons, head coach, division and branding.

” … You have all mocked me when I bring up the Dallas Cowboys. They are the only team in the NFL that is 5-for-5 on that checklist,” Cowherd said. “O-line? Best in the NFL. Weapons, lots. Head coach — (Mike) McCarthy, a Super Bowl. Division, outside of Philadelphia, a lot of dysfunction. Branding? Oh, good god. The branding’s incredible. Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, would vomit in his limousine if he heard this morning Brady was going to Dallas. It would knock the NBA off television for six weeks.”

Cowherd continued: “Tom Brady would be cheaper than Dak. Jerry is the best marketer in the NFL. No state tax, celebrity market. More billionaires in Dallas than LA, did you know that? It’s a money town. I’m not saying it’s happening. You have lectured and mocked and told me there’s zero chance. All I’m saying is, a lot of stuff makes sense. Only franchise in the league: O-line, weapons, head coach division, branding and Jerry Jones loves to be talked about. This would be A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) to the Yankees on steroids, LeBron (James) to the Lakers on HGH. He even looks right in the uniform.”

While nothing Cowherd is saying here is technically wrong, fit and practically don’t always go hand-in-hand. For example, Brady probably would thrive in San Francisco, but the likelihood of the 49ers bringing on, let alone pursuing Brady is slim to none. The Niners sure seem comfortable with Garoppolo, and the argument can be made Prescott is on par or even better than Jimmy G. Parting ways with a 26-year-old Prescott, who’s been named to the Pro Bowl in two of his four NFL seasons, in favor for maybe two seasons with Brady probably would be shortsighted.

So yeah, it’s fun to toss around ideas, but Brady to the Cowboys probably is a pipe dream.

Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images