Nick Wright Actually Believes Tom Brady Could Be Worst QB In NFC South


Nick Wright routinely offers some of the worst takes in sports media, but it appears coronavirus-induced isolation has nudged the FS1 talking head even closer toward a state of total insanity.

Last week, Wright — one of the biggest New England Patriots haters on the block — offered a preposterous Tom Brady take that likely slipped through the cracks because, well, there’s kind of a lot happening in the world at the moment. However, we refuse to let Wright off the hook.

Unfathomably, Wright apparently believes Brady, now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, could be the worst quarterback in the NFC South.

“The idea that Tampa is a championship-contending team now, I think is lunacy,” Wright said. ” … If I could only walk through one of two doors — Door 1 is the Bucs are competing for championship, much less championships, or Door 2 is by Thanksgiving the Bucs are saying, ‘Oh my god, we’re tied to this guy for next year as well?’ Door 2 is far more likely, and I’ll take it a step further. Is it more likely Tom Brady is the best quarterback in that division, or the worst quarterback in that division? Drew Brees is better than him right now. Matt Ryan is better than him right now. And Teddy Bridgewater … I’d rather have Teddy Bridgewater next year than 43-year-old Tom Brady.”

Check out this mess:

If you want to claim that Drew Brees currently is better than Tom Brady — go ahead. You probably are wrong, but it’s a worthy debate.

However, you have to be special kind of crazy to believe Matt Ryan — 14 interceptions, nine fumbles and league-leading 48 sacks last season — was, is or ever will be better than Brady. Despite a relatively down season, Brady was a better quarterback than Ryan was in 2019. The Teddy Bridgewater comparison doesn’t even warrant a discussion.

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