Isaiah Thomas Welcomes Idea Of Playing Backup Point Guard For Celtics

Some athletes just buy in to playing for the City of Boston more than others, and in return they’re universally loved by the fan base.

Point guard Isaiah Thomas certainly is at or near the top of that list of all-time fan favorites.

It’s to the point that Boston Celtics fans still hit him up on Twitter to express their love for him and ask him to return. And on Wednesday that happened yet again, with someone asking if he’d be opposed to putting a green jersey back on to back up point guard Kemba Walker.

And Thomas, currently an NBA free agent after a stint with the Washington Wizards, was receptive.

And while he says he’ll go anywhere that will have him, it’s safe to assume Boston would be at the top of that list given how much he loved it here.

Who’s to say? Maybe he’d add a much-needed spark to the bench that’s been quiet all season and criticized for its lack of depth beyond Marcus Smart.

So while it probably won’t happen here in Boston, who says no?.

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Thumbnail photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports Images