Mike Gorman Provides Health Update On Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn

Good news Boston Celtics fans, the legendary Tommy Heinsohn is doing well.

The longtime NBC Sports Boston broadcaster was hospitalized in June and rehabbing from a blood clotting issue for a few weeks, concerning Celtics die-hards considering the COVID-19 pandemic which has left older folks and those with existing health conditions more susceptible to the virus.

But according to his partner in the booth, play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman, the 85-year-old is doing well.

“I visited with (him) today for about 45 minutes. He’s in rare form,” Gorman said during the broadcast of Tuesday’s Celtics game against the Memphis Grizzlies. “He thinks the officials should be left in the bubble for months at a time before they let them out again.”

Gorman tweeted prior to Tuesday’s tip-off with an update that while Heinsohn is “wrestling with some physical issues,” he hasn’t lost his fire toward NBA officiating.

Rest assured, even though the Hall of Fame coach and player isn’t providing color commentary during Celtics’ games right now, he’s still calling out the referees.

That doesn’t sound like rare form to us, Gorman. It looks like Heinsohn is acting like his usual self.

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Thumbnail photo via Via NBCS ports Boston's Official Twitter