Mike Gorman Shares Story That Depicts Kind Of Person Tommy Heinsohn Was

Gorman and Heinsohn began calling games together in 1981


November 10, 2020

It’s no secret Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn had a special relationship.

The duo called Celtics games together for 39 years, becoming two of the most recognizable voices in Boston in the process. Heinsohn died Tuesday at age 86.

Gorman appeared on NBC Sports Boston in wake of the news to discuss his experiences with the Celtics legend. And one particular story shows just how incredible a person Heinsohn was.

“When Terry and I got married, it was about eight-to-10 months later and Terry said, ‘Look. I don’t want to make anything out of this, I just thought you should know we haven’t received any kind of gift from Tommy and Helen.’ And I said, ‘Oh, you know they’ve got a year. They’ve got three weeks left, they’ve at least gotta meet that deadline.

“So, anyway, we got a call from Helen and she says, ‘Tommy’s doing an art show. You’ve got to come to the art show this weekend.’ And we had said no to a couple of other invitations to art shows so I said, ‘We really got to go to this one.’ So we go — it’s up in Gloucester somewhere. We walk in and all of Tommy’s paintings are on the wall.”

Gorman took a moment to gather himself before continuing.

“And in the middle of the room was an easel with an oil painting of the Inn where we got married and Tommy had snuck out to the wedding and taken photographs of it and had taken a year to paint it. And it hangs in a very prominent place in our home right now.

“But that’s the kind of things, stories you’d hear about. Tommy was a romantic at heart. And, again, people who judge him on how he reacted to officials, you were just seeing this tiny sliver of the pie.”


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