TV Station Shows Real Sharks During San Jose Sharks Highlight Package



We all need a reason to laugh these days, right?

A local TV station provided just that when an editor for Sacramento ABC 10 inserted video footage of live sharks instead of the San Jose Sharks during the news show’s sports segment.

Lina Washington was providing viewers of the Sharks-Vegas Golden Knights game when the station cut from her stand up to the video of sharks swimming in the ocean rather than highlights from the NHL game.

It’s pretty funny, check it out:

Washington handled the mishap with a bit of humor herself.

“This is not the sharks we are talking about but the Sharks did lose tonight,” she said.

Washington later tweeted the mix-up occurred when the editor was asked to drop a video titled “LOTS OF SHARKS!!!” into a story about the ocean animal, but instead dropped it in Washington’s story, which overwrote the Sharks-Golden Knights highlight.

When you’re an Emmy-nominated sports reporter, you know how to handle these types of things like a pro.

Thumbnail photo via Stan Szeto/USA TODAY Sports Images

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