FOXBORO, Mass. — Time will tell whether Demario Douglas has a future with the Patriots. But if the rookie receiver eventually makes the roster, it won’t be long before fans start knowing him by a different first name.

Douglas prefers to go by “Pop,” but not because of the quick, jitterbug-like skill set that enables him to stand out on the football field. As the sixth-round pick revealed Monday, the origin of the nickname is rooted in family history.

“It’s both, but ‘Pop’ for the most part,” Douglas said when asked whether he’d like to be called “Pop” or Demario. “… I don’t mind; whatever you feel comfortable with. ‘Pop’ — I got that from my granddad. He passed away on my birthday when I turned one. So, I’ve always been called ‘Poppa,’ but a lot of grown people don’t like to say ‘Poppa,’ so they say ‘Pop.’ “

“I got that from my granddad. He passed away on my birthday when I turned one.”

Demario Douglas on why he goes by ‘Pop’

Douglas’ teammates clearly like using the alternative name, as we’ve heard only “Pop” used during interviews after spring practices. That includes quarterback Mac Jones who, like Douglas, is from Jacksonville.

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“‘Pop Shotta’ is what I call him,” Jones said after New England’s first minicamp practice. “He’s actually from my hometown, so, shoutout to Pop.”

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Douglas, who’s listed at 5-foot-8, was a standout in the first organized team activity practice open to reporters. He looked like someone who could earn an immediate role this season, particularly on screen passes.

But he’s gotten lost in the shuffle over the last two weeks as fellow rookie receivers Kayshon Boutte, Malik Cunningham and Ed Lee get additional opportunities. Nevertheless, Jones likes what he’s seen from the freshmen wideouts.

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“They’re all doing a great job, the young guys, just trying to learn from everybody,” he said. “I think they all have potential and they just gotta be consistent. I always tell them, ‘Just play fast. Don’t think too much, just go out there and play.’ And they’ve all played really well in college, and they’re really versatile. So, I’ve been really happy with some of the progress those guys have made.”

Although “Pop” has nothing to do with sports, there’s no denying that it’s a perfect football nickname.

It jumps off the tongue and was made for “SportsCenter” highlights. You can just hear Chris Berman leaning on it just a bit too much during one of his trademark segments.

But the name also is an accurate reflection of how Douglas approaches and plays football.

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“Energy,” Douglas said when asked what he brings to the Patriots. “The room already has energy, and I love it. I love the group that we have. And me coming in, I just bring more energy to the group.”

Featured image via Zack Cox/NESN