This summer, the Red Sox teamed up with the City of Boston and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to bring their “Barrier Breakers: From Jackie to Pumpsie” exhibit to Boston. The exhibit was unveiled on Juneteenth at Emerson College, and will be open to the public through August 4th.

“Barrier Breakers” not only honors those who made history playing in the Negro Leagues, but spotlights the players who fought for integrating Major League Baseball.

Red Sox greats Luis Tiant and Tommy Harper joined the grand opening of the exhibit to show their support for the players who pushed through the MLB’s 60 years of segregation. Legendary figures like Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Ernie Banks are all highlighted in the exhibit for their accomplishments on the field in addition to their contributions to integration of MLB.

Cuban-born pitcher Luis Tiant, related to the challenges and discrimination faced by those who fought for integration saying, “Jackie Robinson… all those people were tough, and I’m telling you the truth. Not too many people can go through that.”

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Featured image via NESN Images