FOXBORO, Mass. — Dan Orlovsky had no problem with revealing he texts Mac Jones every week.

But the New England Patriots quarterback might’ve wanted that information to stay private. At least, that’s the vibe he gave off during his Wednesday morning news conference.

In case you missed it, Orlovsky last week said he regularly texts Jones to offer points on things like footwork.

“I still don’t like Mac’s feet,” the NFL QB-turned-analyst said on WEEI’s “Jones & Mego” show. “I text Mac that almost every week. Like, ‘Your feet still … ‘ He’s gotta get better at that. Even the game-winning touchdown, he’s falling away. So, directly to the performance, I still believe in Mac Jones. But that would be the one thing that, just because you win, you can’t avoid looking at (footwork).”

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It was a strange and unprovoked admission from Orlovsky. But it also wasn’t surprising, considering he’s perhaps the most passionate Jones supporter of any national football pundit.

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A week later, Jones was asked what kind of help, if any, Orlovsky provides.

“Um, yeah, a lot of people text me throughout the week,” Jones said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get back. I don’t talk to everybody. But I do see some texts from people. And I always take advice, whether it’s players or coaches or whatever. But I’m not really focused on that. I kind of focus on, ‘What are we doing in the building,’ right? That’s the important part. What can I do with my coaches to communicate, make sure we’re on the same page? And, you know, I’m always gonna take advice. That’s what I do. I’m trying to get better. I’m always trying to listen.”

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Jones then was asked whether Orlovsky “makes the cut” as someone who gets a reply.

“I mean, there’s a couple kids in my elementary class that probably text me and I don’t get back to,” a laughing Jones said. “But he’s probably — it’s just one of those things where people will text you, right? At the end of the day, we’re pretty busy, right? I try to focus on my routine throughout the week and staying present and being in the building. So, it’s kind of hard.”

So, was that confirmation that Jones texts Orlovsky? Was it a denial? Was it an example of Jones watching his words after reportedly angering Bill Belichick last season by seeking outside counsel?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell. The one thing that’s clear is Jones wasn’t comfortable talking about it.

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As fate would have it, footwork again was an issue for Jones in last Sunday’s road loss to the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots quarterback threw off his back foot before getting intercepted by Jalen Ramsey on a game-changing play. It was another example of a bad habit Jones has developed since his rookie season.

He’ll look to play a cleaner game this Sunday when the 2-6 Patriots host the 3-5 Washington Commanders.

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