If the Patriots could guarantee a winning season within the next couple of years, you can bet fans around New England would sign up for whatever it would take.

What if it includes trading the No. 3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, though?

It’s not what people will want to hear, but the more we listen to Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo, the more it seems like a possibility. If you take his comments from Monday’s discussion with reporters over breakfast at the NFL’s annual meetings, for instance, you might come away thinking New England is leaning that direction.

“I know everyone likes to think they have a special formula to picking players, but honestly, the guaranteed way to win is to accumulate more picks,” Mayo said, per team-provided video. “If we don’t feel convicted at No. 3, we could (trade back), as well.”

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“… If we take a quarterback at No. 3, that means we’re convicted that this player really is the future of the organization. …There are multiple pieces on this team that as a whole — we want to fill those holes. If you can gather more picks, that definitely helps you out. … The more picks you have, the better likelihood you have to really hit on one.”

It’s a classic conundrum, really.

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The Patriots endured inept quarterback play for two full seasons, so the mere thought of an upgrade is enticing enough for many to want the trigger pulled at No. 3. LSU’s Jayden Daniels and UNC’s Drake Maye have the talent to be elite at the next level, but will they have the pieces around them to help their development? They probably won’t in New England.

It’s been floated that the Patriots and Vikings could swap first-round picks, with some added stuff headed to New England. Minnesota would then get its guy at No. 3, leaving New England with No. 11, No. 23 and the aforementioned stuff to go grab a wide receiver, left tackle and, you guessed it, stuff!

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Mayo’s belief that there’s a “guaranteed” way to win probably isn’t fully true. You can stockpile picks, but if they all stink, it doesn’t mean much. It only matters if you make the right picks, which is the same idea if you just draft a quarterback and supplement the holes with later picks.

You all surely have an opinion, so let us know how you think the Patriots should approach the 2024 NFL Draft in the comments below!

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