When the PWHL dropped the puck on its inaugural season, the original six franchises took the ice with the simplicity of its location diagonally down the front of the jersey.

That is all going to change before next season, according to PWHL advisory board member Stan Kasten.

“It’s interesting how the name thing played out,” Kasten said during a press conference before Game 3 of the Walter Cup Final between PWHL Boston and PWHL Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center on Friday night. “We did not start out to do that, but because the lead time required in these things, we just thought it was better. Let’s just skip that for now and let’s just go with PWHL and the location. That is an amazing unintended consequence.”

Kasten continued: “Every time anyone has talked about any of our teams all year, you had to say PWHL, so our league has gotten more exposure in the first year of existence than any league in history because they repeated the name. Again, we didn’t plan it that way. It just worked out that way.”

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The PWHL will continue to sell the merchandise it sold during the inaugural season, even after merchandise is designed with the logos and team names.

“I invite people to adopt those names too,” Kasten said. “But, you can feel free to continue to call it what you’ve always called it, and we will be selling merchandise with both of those names. These names aren’t going away because they have become popular, but for those of you who like the names, we’ll be addressing that as well.”

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When will the PWHL unveil the team names and logos? Kasten’s response was a bit playful.

“It’s sometime this summer,” he said. “I don’t have an exact time but, you should be counting the days.”

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PWHL Boston’s color scheme of green and white should not change, but the nickname and logo the franchise will adopt remains a mystery.

Featured image via PWHL