Matt Ryan’s Trade To Colts Creates Interesting Props To Cash In On

Ryan had 20 touchdowns and 3,968 passing yards in 2021


March 27, 2022

In a whirlwind of offseason changes, longtime Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was sent to the Indianapolis Colts.

The 36-year-old star will have a much more talented roster to work with in Indy, yet oddsmakers don’t expect a dramatic jump in production.

Let’s take a look at the DraftKings Sportsbook passing touchdown and yards prop bets for Ryan.

Over/Under 25.5 Regular Season Passing Touchdowns
Ryan is coming off of a season where he threw 20 touchdowns on an offense that was largely without wide receiver Calvin Ridley and featured a receiver depth chart of names most experts have never heard of.

Ryan was also pressured on seemingly every play and sacked 40 times. The Colts offense is much more put together, and will allow the veteran to sit back and read through his progressions.

Ryan has surpassed 26 touchdowns nine out of his 14 seasons in the NFL, including the 2018-2020 seasons. Six more touchdowns with a substantially more talented offense is quite possible, even likely.

The biggest argument for both Under’s lie with Jonathan Taylor’s production, who amassed 1,811 rushing yards and 18 rushing touchdowns a season ago. However, while Taylor might continue to improve his play, his touchdown numbers are set for natural regression. Having two seasons with 18 or more touchdowns in a row is statistically improbable.

Over/Under 3,950.5 Regular Season Passing Yards
In 2021, Ryan threw for 3,968 yards. His offense was much worse, but the gamescript almost always catered towards the passing game. However, Ryan has surpassed that line in 11 of his 14 seasons and has shown no signs of physical regression.

Once again, Taylor’s piece of the offense comes into play. That said, Colts’ former quarterback Carson Wentz threw just 44 more pass attempts than Ryan last season. Ryan is a much more talented player and will be trusted to throw the ball more than Wentz was. His attempts should even out to his totals with the Falcons, where he cashed the Over on the current line just about every season.

Colts head coach Frank Reich has preached balance in his offense and has never been one to just consistently hand the ball off.

Feel comfortable taking the over on both bets.

Thumbnail photo via Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar via USA TODAY Sports Images

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