NFL's Net Rest Edge: Which 3 Teams Have the Biggest Advantage This Season?


May 30, 2023

When it comes to the physical grind of the NFL, rest can be a significant asset. This season, a couple of teams stand out for their substantial advantage in net rest edge.

Net Rest Edges Explained

Net rest edge measures a team’s total days of extra rest versus its opponents throughout a season. A seemingly minor detail, it has proven meaningful in the past. Last season, teams with a net rest edge of five days or more surpassed their season win total, achieving a remarkable 7-3 mark.

New York Jets on the Upswing

One team that stands out this year is the New York Jets. Traditionally lagging in net rest edges, they’ve found themselves in a favorable position this time around. This shift will likely make a significant difference, especially considering the bonus of starting the season with many home games.

NFL broadcasting loves focusing on the New York skyline, and with a polarizing star like Aaron Rodgers now on the team, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to highlight the city and its marquee player. The Jets could be in for a successful season with this favorable schedule when it comes to extra rest. New York’s season win total sits at 9.5, with the over juiced to -134, while +110 is where the under comes in.

Historical Highs for the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders

The Chicago Bears and the Washington Commanders are two other teams who have managed to secure an unprecedented amount of rest. As far as records go, the Bears haven’t seen this much rest in the past 35 years. Chicago’s season win total sits at 7.5, -118 to the over and -104 to the under. Similarly, the Commanders also have a significant rest advantage over their opponents. Washington’s 6.5 season win total is equally juiced at the over and under at -110.

The impact of rest tends to be cumulative, with advantages becoming more noticeable later in the season. When injuries and fatigue set in, these teams may have a significant edge over their competition down the stretch.

A League of Haves and Have-Nots

While these teams enjoy a favorable schedule, not everyone is as fortunate. As some teams benefit, others are on the opposite end of the spectrum, leading to more rest disparity in the league than ever before.

Given the history and potential for significant impact on a team’s performance, the net rest edge is undoubtedly a factor to consider from a season win-total and game-to-game perspective. In a season characterized by significant rest disparities, it’s a factor we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

As the 2023 season progresses, these rest edges may prove instrumental in deciding the fate of these teams. And, perhaps, they might just be the game-changer. The New York Jets, Chicago Bears, and Washington Commanders all have a substantial edge, each with +12 net rest days over their opponents.

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