NFL Futures Picks: Hamlin for CPOY, Seahawks and Vikings Could Surprise


Jul 20, 2023

As we gear up for another exciting NFL season, it’s time to delve into some intriguing futures picks. Let’s discuss the unique situation revolving around Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin. Hamlin’s return is much anticipated after overcoming a near-fatal incident on the field. The buzz in Buffalo suggests he’s ready to suit up and retake the field. If this materializes, it’s hard to see anyone else securing the title of Comeback Player of the Year. Despite the odds sitting at -300, it’s a lock-in that could justify a much steeper price.

Moving westward, let’s focus on the Seattle Seahawks. The NFC presents an exciting landscape, especially if the Philadelphia Eagles face a slight regression or an unfortunate injury to key players. This could open up the NFC for some unexpected twists and turns. At this juncture, the Seahawks offer value with odds of +1200 to make it to the Super Bowl. While they might not secure a bye, given the stiff competition from the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks have a promising build that could see them through to the final stages.

The Minnesota Vikings are also an appealing pick, specifically for the NFC North title. Despite the hype around Jared Goff and Dan Campbell’s Detroit Lions, the Vikings display a combination of a potent offense and a shaky defense. Kirk Cousins remains a superior quarterback to Goff. The market appears mispriced, favoring the Lions based on popular sentiment rather than solid performance metrics. The Vikings, however, have proven their ability to win, unlike the Lions, whose victories are rare.

Finally, let’s not ignore the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson. Currently the eighth favorite for the MVP title, Jackson’s health remains his only potential stumbling block. Should he stay fit for all 17 games, his MVP odds could drastically narrow as the season progresses.

A final note on the NFL: there’s never an “automatic” win, and any perceived notions of inevitability should be taken with a grain of salt. Each season brings surprises and uncertainties, which is part of what makes this league so compelling. For instance, despite rumors that the Super Bowl “loser’s curse” will prevent Jalen Hurts and the Eagles from reclaiming the NFC East, there’s no telling how the season will unfold. In NFL football, believing in absolutes is often a route to disappointment.

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