The Future is Now for the Baltimore Orioles


Jul 17, 2023

The Baltimore Orioles‘ betting odds of +470 to win the American League East division have everyone talking. Yet, should we restrict our sight merely to their divisional odds? This team is also offered at +9000 to win the American League.

Despite a great season so far, many seem hesitant. It’s time to acknowledge that we may be underestimating the Orioles.

Their setup boasts a youthful pitching staff and a robust lineup from one through nine. As the trade deadline approaches, are we envisioning the Orioles shedding veterans for prospects? The answer is a resounding no. The future is already here for the Orioles.

This team, as it stands, could become more formidable with additions like another reliever or even another starting pitcher. The Orioles have shown it’s not just about making a good run through April, May, or even June. Their performance up to the All-Star break suggests we’re in for an exhilarating ride.

The focus should not just be on the Orioles reaching the playoffs. With potential additions, they could end up with one of the best records in baseball when all is said and done. This isn’t a fluke season where we’re waiting for the carpet to be pulled out from underneath them. This is a high-caliber baseball club, and it’s been that way all year long.

Reflecting on last year, they traded Trey Mancini away at the deadline. This year, however, no such moves are expected. This team is focused on bringing in players.

It’s a team with pedigreed talent, starting with the top guy everybody knows, Adley Rutschman. The expectations for Rutschman are sky-high, with many expecting him to compete for MVP trophies. While Rutschman may stand out, the Orioles’ roster includes talents such as Anthony Santander, Austin Hays, and Gunnar Henderson. This team has depth, and it’s finally coming together.

The Baltimore Orioles are no longer the team that “might be good in the future.” They’re good now. The betting markets need to give more credit to this Orioles team as they’ve arrived, and it’s time to believe in them. It may be time to consider placing your bets in favor of Baltimore, not just for their division but for the American League.

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Thumbnail photo via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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